Eric J. Lund

Eric Lund

I live in Green Bay Wisconsin with my wife Monika and my son Justin.  We tried breeding in the past with two German Shepherd Show dogs.  One of the females “Keasha vom Steffen Haus” was very good at Schutzhund and I trained her to SchH 3, IPO 3 with the help of Fox Valley Police and Schutzhund. The short version of the story is that it is not a good idea to try to breed a dog to the golden middle. Keasha von Steffen Haus and Jenny vom Arlett were our first two females.  We had 5 litters and produced some very nice dogs but most of the dogs could not compete in the show world or in the working world. So to make a short story longer I now feel that it is a good idea to either breed show dogs or working dogs. When breeding show dogs a breeder should focus on good working ability but never compromising show quality conformation.  At least in doing this you will produce good pets or good show dogs.  The other option is to focus on breeding working dogs with good conformation.  When doing this it is important to focus on working lines exclusively and to only use dogs that really excel in working ability. Ideally focusing on dogs with good conformation without compromising working ability.

Many working line breeders know, and I agree, that scores on the schutzhund field do not translate into a dog that will be a good breeding option.  Some of the dogs with the strongest temperament are not the dogs that have the highest scores. It could be said that I “Eric” am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to to researching dogs.

I was breeding under the kennel name Keashborn.  The bottom line is that I could not reproduce Keasha’s working ability.  The male that produced best puppies, when bred to Keasha, was Ivan-roy V. Dreisterhof. He was a Verwin vom Blitsaerd son out of Xandra V. Tiekerhook. The puppies were gorgeous, they had big boned and tons of drive. If I had it to do all over again I would have bred her multiple times to him.  Unfortunately I decided to breed her to world VA1 Lasso vom Neuen Berg.  The puppies were great looking show dogs but really did not have good working ability. Next I bred her to Karat’s Witus who’s lines were known for biting people, not in a good way.  I kept a male from this litter.  He did not have Keasha’s working ability and I always had to watch him around people.  I loved him but I had to give up Schutzhund and I always had to be careful with him around people outside of the family. I had to put Keasha to sleep (I don’t really love that term) because of lower back issues when she was about 12 years old.  Her son had then same issues when he was 10 1/2 years old.  I had to put him to sleep on 10-22-2012.

So here we are with three cats and no dogs. The best litter I had bred was from a male from a Tiekerhook female. I contacted Koos to see if he had any puppies available and reserved a place for a puppy from a future breeding. I have been following his breeding for about 12 years and always wanted a puppy from him. One of the main dogs he is using now as a stud dog is Pike del Lupo Nero.  I wanted to research more about Pike so I emailed Elke from del Lupo Nero.  Just my luck one of their puppies was still available. The person who had reserved it from the US was unable to get the little girl.  It did not take much to talk my wife into getting her once she saw a picture of the cute little thing.  Koos will not have any puppies available until around March so that gives me at least three months to talk my wife into a second female. smile  shhhhh don’t tell her my plan.