7th and 8th day of training class

Over the last two weeks Dahlia has been continuing to work on all previous exercises.  We introduced the hold of the Dumb bell for for the retrieve and the stand from sit. We continue to work on correct head position during giddy up and healing.

I thought I would recap what we work on in training.  It is getting to be so many things that I can’t do all each session.

Walking toward me feeding between the legs as I walk backwards.
Circle clockwise while coming toward me.  I use the word spin for the command to circle clockwise.
Circle counter clockwise while coming toward me. I use the word circle for the command to circle counter clockwise.
Coming through my legs to receive food after the front or hear command.
Backing up to voice command and hand commands.
Sit front between legs while siting and standing.
Sit front while sitting from multiple directions.
Stand from sit with the command steh.
Giddy Up with correct head position. Moving the food away from dog up my body and rewarding proper head position. Remember to stand more straight and bend knees if necessary.
Sit at side in front of a mirror for proper position. 
While in proper sit position in front of mirror raise hand up to shoulder and say Fuss when head is in proper position and lower food.
Same as above during healing.
Healing with left hand under dogs chin and rewarding with right hand when in proper position.
Down position with command Platz.
Extend the Platz position by moving away and rewarding down stay for longer periods of time.
Fast sit with prompting with right hand and swiping left hand under back legs.
Jumping to chest for the command bump.  (Didn’t really start yet).
Moving right and left with dog in heal position.
Place command where dog runs to and upside down dish.
Moving left and right around a perch. Teaching dog to orient her back and to a straight front while I move left and right.
Moving back end left and right as I move around in a swivel chair to get her to be aware of her rear and and move to orient to my position.
Movement to manners minder touch ball to the command touch.
Moving to my two fingers to the command touch.
Holding hand in mouth with a calm grip (need to start this) she is doing good at training.
Moving counter clockwise around an object when I point at it with my left hand. Command Revier.
Moving clockwise around an object when I say Revier and point at it with my right hand.
Waiting to get food when food is in reach.
Teaching the go out to get the water in remaining food after training by leaving bowl across the room and saying voraus.(did not start yet)
Working on as many of these exercises in petco and petsmart with food and attention to me.
All food comes through me through training.

Shaping Behaviors:
While Dahlia is standing in front of me pointing left and saying left and clicking when she moves left.
While Dahlia is standing in front of me pointing right and saying right and clicking when she moves right.
Standing with all feet in a box
Doing a platz on the ottoman.
Standing on the swivel chair.
Turing on a light switch. (I only have her walking up to it and raising her head at this time).
Picking up and carrying dumb bell. Extending the carry.
I use terms like, put your thinking cap on and what else to you got, while shaping to tell her to try something besides what she is doing.

Well that is all I can remember.  I am probably forgetting something.


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