Black-Jack von der Teufelskehle

Black-Jack is the father of our new puppy.

DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY FREE! (N / N)! Result from Nachröntgen in the University Hospital in Giessen:

Literal statement of Dr. Tellhelm (He makes the SV-evaluations in HD / ED): “I have rarely seen such a beautiful hips and elbows at a Shepherd, the better it gets!” Very good sperm quality is examined in regular intervals!


1.Qualifikationsprüfung for 2011 filed on 07/11/2010!

Black Jack was evaluated on the dog show in Mainz on 14/11/2010 by breed judge Ansgar Kartheiser (country group Zuchtwart) with “excellent”!

Breeding diploma in point V: Very energetic, self-assured dog with very good tractability!

About Jack! Convincing, pithy, sound quality stud dog with an appealing anatomy and a low breeding value!

Jack is a very dominant dog, who shines through very energetic and firm grips in protection work. He tries to dominate the stands’s helper.

Effects he uses in the health service, in the subordination very often to the front or against the leader.

Despite these properties, it remains biddable and is very willing to work with very good charisma and ernormer basic speed.

In the private sector he is also very stubborn and reluctant to accept foreign guests.

A very interesting dog with proper core showing always the same if it does not fit!

Jack was sold as a puppy, we got him for his daily outspoken hostility toward his leader back.

Jack is HD / ED normal. Its back is X-rayed and found to be in order. The dentition is a complete scissor bite. Jack’s siblings are all HD / ED normal and have no dental defects or other health problems! Kkl. 1 Lbz.!

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