Fifth and Sixth Day of Training

Well it has been a few weeks since I updated what we are working on in training. Deb suggested I watch a video of Bridget Carlson and what she does with puppies. I like the way she has puppies try to figure out what she wants.  She will say something like “what else can you do” her puppy will try something new to get the reward.

Currently we are working on Giddy Up where Dahlia comes a little more forward than she has in the past and her head is more exaggeratedly pointed upward.  She is doing better with this after I prompted her with my hand under her chin to show her the right position. This brought her body forward to be able to get in that position. This is looking very good.

We worked on her rear end movement with her standing on a perch and moving her back end around as I move around the perch. I also sit on a swivel chair and have her walk right and left as I spin around to get her treat. Along with this I have been working on moving right and left with her in front of me and rewarding her for moving with me. We also work on this in heal position so she adjusts to me as I move right. 

We continue to work on back and back down with hand signals and voice commands.

I continue to work on fast sits where she tucks her butt under her for the sit.  I need to work on getting her to come to the treat faster before the sit.

We work on come with me sitting on a swivel chair and her running to me from different directions to come to the front position.

We work on shaping random behavior and the “what else can you do” game to get her thinking and problem solving.

We have been also working on correct head and body position during healing.  I need to get her better at the position with out a food lure.

We have also been working on downs and leave it with a toy.

She is getting really good at running around objects for the blind search.  If I point with my right hand she goes clockwise around an object.  If I point with my left hand she goes counter clockwise around and object. This is to teach her to run around a blind properly and will help to eliminate skipping blinds in the future.

We started the clicker training retrieve and she is at the point where she will bring the dumb bell to me to get the treat.

This week we were going to introduce the stand from sit and stand from down.

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