Forth Day of Training

Thanks Deb for summarizing todays training for me.

Today we reviewed:
giddy up position… looks good, can move with legs closer together and pivot around the leg on the side you are turning.  Mark “yes” and release while behavior is in progress and correct; mark while she is moving and step off, keeping her engaged.  You can start to bring the head up, having her come under your hand for the food.  She needs to have her shoulders slightly forward of your legs so that she can bring her head up and not end up peeking.  You can continue the leading in that position and start to make speed changes, as well
Backing up…. she is doing really well at moving back ward with your movement. That looks good.  When we tell her “back” we want her to back away from you, independent on your movement.  At home, on a surface where you can throw treats, you can mark and then reward by throwing the treats backward and to the side (not over her head so she leaps for them) to encourage the backward movement.  Don’t expect too much at first, reward a single step and then another… but also don’t get stuck demanding too little.  She will pick this up quickly.  It is about separation from the hand, the same thing we will ask for the steh/stand.  ***after the sit, we will also introduce moving into a stand position from the sit, so that it becomes more than just a freeze in place, but a position***
Place… looking good there, too.  She understands “place”.  Can practice both the front position and turning and now the pivot with you at her side in heel position.  ***in the future we will be also teaching her the “place” can be any place you direct her to put her feet on… rugs/platforms….***
Revier- looks like a good start, too! Remember to have her go to the down-field side first, cross and back.  So, even if you are at a stage where you are sortof meeting her on the opposite side, mark and run up-field…  ***next step is to send her from one blind/object to another.  Don’t have them placed directly across from one another (think blind pattern, staggered) and remember your down-field and cross, but the first time you do it, send her to each and reward individually before combining them.***

Heel position using the mirror and asking for attention.  Lure her into the proper position next to you (***later on, when she understands “stand” as a position you will also practice this from a standing position.  this will reinforce her learned head position via the giddy up position***)  Once you have lured her into place you can say “fuss” and move the treat from her nose to just a little above it at first. When you have the proper position, mark and reward.  be sure to move her out of that position after that so she is clear that “yes” is terminal to the behavior.  Later on, we will teach her to come up for the treat and to balance on her rear haunches but she isn’t physically mature enough yet for that.
Steh/stand… see backing.
Sit position.  Practice on your new swivel chair, teaching her that wherever you are facing is front.  This will require a holder/helper. Sit at the edge of the chair, as you will need to create that V where you can lean back.  You will hold the food out in front of you with both hands and lead the dog in at nose level, and then bring it up against your chest as we practiced. If you bring it up too high too fast, she will jump on your chest. Too slow and she will stop too far away.  It’s like the Three bears….it has to be juuuuust right.  And, it will come with practice until you find just the right movement for her. The goal is to have her come in fast and tuck her butt, making contact with your closely.
Sit position sideways. It is almost like a dance step… step, close.  From a feet-together position, step with your right foot and lure her across your body and toward your right leg. When she is at your right knee, bring the food up to lure her into a fast sit position, sweep with your left hand just under her butt so that she tucks into a sit.  Once she has the muscle memory, only mark and pay for fast tuck sits.
next (in addition to those things listed).... down position, touch (nose)..... go TO a place…

Hope this refreshes your memory and gives you an idea of what is to come…


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