Meeting with Elke and Michael at their Home

Elke and Eric

I had a very nice meeting with Elke and her Husband Michael. I was able to see Dahlia; she was a fireball.  I was also able to see some training. Elke took out Nell and Amica (Mica) and Michael took out Pike. They all love to work. Mica is only 8 months old and hits a hard sleeve with a full mouth grip like she was born to do it.  I guess she was. She shows a lot of passion growling and snarling at the helper while she crushes the sleeve.  She was very impressive. Nell at six years old still has it.  She is a full sister to Pike and Mother of Mica. Pike looked great.  Physically he is a much better looking dog than even his picture shows. He is a dark grey/black sable.  Michael has him under control but you can tell he is on the edge when he is working. He is a very passionate dog.
I was also able to see Barbel.  She is a very good-looking female. Elke tells me she is a very responsive mother and the birthing went very easy.

Elke and Michael talked quite a bit about their breeding philosophy and the dogs they use in their breeding and why. They know their dogs and are breeding very good-looking dogs with extreme working ability, solid temperament with very good pigment. Both Elke and Michael obsess about what they do.  That is always a good thing in a breeder. There is a lot of thought that goes into every decision to breed. 

I will be picking up Dahlia tomorrow to take her home to America.  I hope to keep Elke and Michael informed about her progress through this web site. Thanks Michael and Elke for all of your hospitality while my father and I were in Germany.

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