Second day of Training

Second day of training went well. Dahlia was a little more food motivated today.  I reduced the amount of food that she gets at each feeding by from a cup three times a day to ¾ of a cup three times a day. I have been feeding her by hand during training. The day of training she went to the vet in the morning and received her last set of shots and the only food she had was treats at the vet before training.

During training she I used cut up beef hot dogs and she was very motivated for the food.  We worked on driving toward me, backing up, standing on her upside down bowl to learn place, and driving with her head between my legs Giddy Up position.  When driving in heal position she was not straight so Deb would like me to focus on driving for healing in the Giddy Up position. This position will keep her straight and teach her to hold her head up to receive the food.

The goal with her in place position on her bowl and in the Giddy Up position is to teach her to move her back end independently of her front end to maintain position. I needed to focus on better hand position to cue Dahlia to orient to the hand (move her back end around to movement of the hand).

I have been doing a little prey bite training in the home over the last week.  I feed Dahlia a frozen pork rib with the meat on it in the evening. Before she gets it I put a flat collar on her and have my wife hold the leash.  I sneak around behind a wall with a jute tug and peak out at her.  If she barks at me I move closer. Hear I am teaching her to bark to get the tug and me to come to her. Deb suggested that I also have my wife let go of the leash at times so she can chase me for the bite.  Dahlia has a full mouth grip and does an energetic job at biting the tug. When playing with her, with the tug, she barks to bring the bite, I play with her on the tug, freeze to teach the regrip (she does this well). I give her a few bites and then put up the tug before she is ready to quit to build drive.

After the bite session a place a towel on the floor in the living room and bring in a pork rib and hold it to the ground in the middle of the towel. When she lays down in front of it I remove my hand and let her eat it. If she moves it off the towel I take it and place it back in the middle of the towel.  She is getting pretty good and keeping it on the towel.

Dahlia has stopped biting our arms as a result of placing her in her kennel for a 15-minute time out when she does. She has been spending more time in her kennel as we teach her some manners around the house. Being kenneled more often also helps to build her drive when she is working.

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