Third Day of Training

We had our third training session with Deb today. We focused mostly on Giddy Up today.  I have been having difficulty doing it correctly.

I was walking with Dahlia between my legs and only feeding her periodically which led to her stopping periodically.  The goal as Deb explained it to me is to feed Dahlia constantly as we walk.  I need to learn to have better and position and feed her constantly as we walk.  I also think I was trying to have her do too much too soon trying to get the correct head position and teach the walking all at the same time.  We decided that first I should teach her to walk consistently in the right position, To do this I need to hold the food out farther in front of me and get her in the right position constantly moving and constantly feeding.  Once we get that behavior I will start to shape the head up behavior.

Dahlia is doing good with the other behaviors we are teaching her.  Standing on a place (an upside down bowl) to get her food.  I need to work on getting her to move he backside around as I move my hand and body around the bowl. She is doing good with backing up, driving forward and circling to get her food, standing on the bowl as I move back, mark the behavior with a yes and then coming up to give her her food. I can walk back 10 feet and count to 10 before I mark the behavior with yes and move forward to feed her. We are also working on her blind search by getting her to run to an object and run around it to get her food.

We discussed next week working on starting to teach the down, sit, and stand.

Thanks Deb for all the help with Dahlia.

I am going to try to be more consistent with feeding her her food while training.  I have been feeding her in the morning in a bowl because I have to leave for work early. I am going to try to do training avery time she eats and move to training with her food and not relying on cut up hot dogs.

We did a little puppy fishing.  Here Deb waves a leather cloth on the end of a whip.  Dahlia goes after it nicely but often drops it quickly.  At home I use a jute tug and move forward for her when she barks.  Here too Dahlia drops the tug fairly quickly when I am not on the tug.  It is typical to want the Dog to carry the tug after the bite instead of dropping it.

I have a question for you Deb. What is the purpose of the carry? A dog never carries the sleeve after a bite in a trail. I think it is too calm the dog, but I am not sure. i was thinking when the person was no longer on the tug the dog should drop it and go toward the person barking to try to get the activated to get the tug again.

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